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Monday, 16 June 2014

Evergreen Bamboo

Between the rest of the world and me, we share one common estate, or perhaps fascination too....BAMBOO.

It's just nice to know that in a world so incensed with disagreements and differences, we can still get to share and enjoy somethings common together.

Behind the humble bamboo a wealth of priceless information is awaiting to be discovered.  I'll just share one that I love, and leave the rest to future encounters.

What I really loved about the evergreen bamboo is its lifespan is almost eternal, and its substance bears unlimited forms only limited by one's imagination.  If you dare to imagine, it will be there.

I am just too humbled to say I wish to invite, but can only wish that friends and strangers who chance upon this space can share a moment with me to discover more things common amongst mankind and to wish the disagreements and differences away.

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