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Monday, 23 March 2015


My humble tribute to the man who gave his whole life to Singapore.
Cry my friend, cry if you may
For your tears are precious this very day
Let struggles and changes come to mind
Of wonderous legacies he left behind
He took a people back from foreign hands
with which he blushed the world with a glorious land
Of penniless folks and an old fishing port
Amidst the gray ocean now, a sparkling red dot
Before enemies he withstood their blows
he won lasting friends out of many foes
He captured visions that most cannot dream
to radiate the world like a beacon's beam
Cry now my friend cry with no fear,
For the due that we owe to a friend so dear
He walked streets of danger unsure of return
Paving ways of peace for generation to generation
For Singapore he lived, for Singapore he die
He frees himself now to be with his beloved wife
Now and Forever, dearest LEE KUAN YEW

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Can Lee Kuan Yew do it again, even in his absolute passive state?
Those opposing the PAP seems to think so. They want the Lee family, PM Lee Hsien Loong in particular to pull off the plug to what's keeping LKY living and let him go. That's only one of their antics. They also pour scorn on Singaporeans sending well wishes and praying for Mr Lee calling this uncalled for, naive and wishful and a waste of time.
Lee Kuan Yew is synonymous with PAP, the party he formed and led Singapore out of colonial rule into independence and subsequent prosperity as one of the richest countries in the world.
Those opposing the PAP government hates to hear people calling LKY the founding father of Singapore. They had reasoned that he alone cannot make Singapore what it is today thus in a way accepting that Singapore's prosperity is a due to the PAP.
The torrent of political activities happening in Singapore in recent years have much to do with Mr Lee's waning health. Lee Kuan Yew still commands the adoration, if not the allegiance of many Singaporeans.
He is best remembered for the long and tedious task of cleaning up the filth of Singapore River among other campaigns like Clean and Green City, Mosque Building Fund, Stop At Two, and Queuing Up. Many of these are "carrot and stick" ways of cultivating good citizenship.
But the greatest deed that is superlatively remembered, feared and hated by some is his "cleaning up the filth" in the "Political River". Today people look at it as something inhuman to put people in jail, bankrupting opponents etc etc. But to Lee Kuan Yew, the nation he had used his life into fighting for freedom and independence has always been a delicate and vulnerable child that needs protection.
The child needs to be strong and able to defend himself against bigger bullies, hence he initiated National Service. The child needs proper education and the skills hence the two pronged approach to education.
Nothing should be standing in the way to nurturing the child into a useful personality that not just able to stand up on his own but also stands out remarkably. Thus the removal of residues of blockades and booby traps that remained after the warring period were necessary for a smooth and trouble free growth path.
Singapore was thus able to free itself from Communist Ideology of that era. Lee Kuan Yew rallied Singapore through the years of being cheap labours ourselves, struggle ourselves out of hardship, and today we are able to turn the table around and become employers of cheap labour instead.
I ask again....can Lee Kuan Yew do the same as he did in uniting Singapore and bringing Singapore into a period of peaceful and prosperous living even in his passive state?
I think this is what Lee Kuan Yew is already doing right now. His lying on one of the thousands of beds in SGH allows us to reflect on what he has set forth to do for Singapore more than 50 years ago. We track backwards to the years when our parents were struggling to get us a good education and put us in good stead against a challenging and competitive global market place.
It is impossible for a man like Lee Kuan Yew to give unless Singapore is united, and from his bed in SGH's ICU he is once again rallying Singaporeans to unite and face off with challenges that hinders our path to growth and survival. When we stop growing, we stop to survive.