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Sunday, 19 April 2015


Agree, disagree, or what else? These are voices in this national narrative (if I had not chosen the word incorrectly) or a national conversation. But they do throw some light into what Singaporeans are.

Possessiveness : Once Lee Kuan Yew becomes a monument, it becomes a possession of the people. 38 Oxley too becomes a possession. They can exercise their rights over these possessions. Now they cannot.

Superficial : Quick way of getting things done without much thoughtfulness nor deeper consideration. What else can be better to honour a man than to create a perpetual physical presence so that it cannot be lost in time? It does not take a lot of effort and Singapore has the resources to afford one that no one else in any part of the world can.

Opportunistic : Politicians and others who are aware of such weaknesses and took advantage of these by proposing or supporting such calls that they may stand to gain. The Lee Kuan Yew name brings a lot of goodwill, very valuable.

Hollowness : Looking for a god to worship.

To begin with, 38 Oxley is a private property, and there is a last will of the owner that determines what it should be upon demised. The only special between this and every others is Lee Kuan Yew was and is Singapore's First PM. The people can "unusually" or "misnormally" request state intervention to take possession of this private property, which if it happens to someone else and not Lee Kuan Yew then it would have been an utter abuse of authority.

How to honour Lee Kuan Yew in his very spirit? Those who knew him personally and closed to him would have already found his character too unachievable. Just his discipline alone is beyond our reach let alone his unwavering stand on truth.

But it is in the painful effort of following the man's way of dealing with the world in us and around us that we Singaporeans can sufficiently honour him in the best and acceptable way.
His last books were done not in the best of physical conditions, but we can now look back an marvel at his tenacity and perseverance to finished those books before allowing himself to succumb to infirmity.

We ask : Why? What is so important about another one or two more books? Haven't he already put his thoughts in the previous books?

His Life are in all of his books being put together, and they must come complete. If only we understood him well, and treasure the true treasures hidden in his books that he may be honoured in the most appropriate manner.

If only I can read what Lee Kuan Yew has to say, he would have said thus : Don't look to my house for answers. Don't worship my statue for blessings. Don't waste my name in meaningless airports or parks that will degenerate into no more than another name for another place.

Look into my books and I will be very very honoured

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