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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Oppositions Did Nothing To Stop Lies & Abuses

"NO HANDS" do take very different meanings pertaining to our opposition parties.
They have "no hands" in any of the trash sites like the now defunct The Real Singapore, and a host of others, but they will also ensure "no hands" will be there to stop lies and made-up stories from getting to the public.
Not just that. They have never shown their hands in stopping vandalism that damaged public properties, they have never shown their hands in stopping insensitive and disparaging racial and religious remarks that hurts, and they have never shown their hands in stopping anti-social behaviors such as public littering.
In other words by having "No Hands" in deterrent, they are welcoming with open arms many things that Singaporeans would consider not compatible with civilized societies.....such as protest that can lead to law and order breakdown.
So when trash sites jeered at Ms Lee Bee Wah's anti-littering campaign, they welcomed such jeering let alone opposition parties going round picking up rubbish instead of selling newsletters.
We have not heard a single word from opposition parties condemning lies made by trash sites that is counter productive to Singapore's political development such as the attached picture detailed.
No Hands opposition parties are in no way handicapped. The unseen arms that welcome chaos are to be feared.

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