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Friday, 14 August 2015

The Lui Tuck Yew Effect On Coming General Elections

Much of our discussions these two days focused on Lui Tuck Yew's decision not to participate in the coming GE.
His decision announced publicly had drawn much support and understanding from people who once jeered him. People realized they have wronged him and feelings of remorse did dig deep into Singaporeans' conscience. How can you fault such a man as Lui Tuck Yew?
More heart melting happened when they discovered that he was once living in a two-room rented flat.
Not discussed at all is his role as MP and Grassroots Advisor.
You can say "tuck you" to him on screen and he is tough enough to take it lightly, but when unkind words come off face to face during community visits in the presence of public, it is bitterly harder to swallow but you just have to swallow.
Thanks to trolls and Opposition MPs who had preferred to remain silent to the supporters, choosing to enjoy fruits dropping from overhanging branches across the wall.
It is not the government's job to make things easy for oppositions, therefore why is it the oppositions' job to shield an innocent minister from abuse? Then please don't shed crocodile tears.
The pressure on the man is not simply his ability to hold up the Transport Ministry, he is better than that. But because he also has to win elections that makes it all the more difficult given the mounting odds. He will forever be a subject of abuse performing the MP role.
What's the point? Collective responsibility among cabinet colleagues don't bring together collective votes. Each has to earn his/her own, non transferable.
Singaporeans were willing to sacrifice George Yeo, a man gifted with global vision for some dubious promises of First World Parliament that has yet to be figured out what that really mean?
Losing Lui Tuck Yew, a down to earth, serious and dedicated man to join the chorus of unsound protests of mechanical wear and tear.
When will we wise up? Can we safely call ourselves a politically matured society when we cannot tell the difference between needs and wants?

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