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Saturday, 5 September 2015


It's been a statement of satire "Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others". Look at the truth side of it.
Let's talk about Singaporeans. What defines you a Singaporean? It is often said that when people goes abroad, they know a Singaporean when they see one. We don't have that kind of feeling when we look at each other right here in Singapore.
Yes that's is the point I want you to see. Only when we compare and differentiate ourselves with another nationality, then the real Singaporean emerges, otherwise we are just human beings.
We don't just happen to be richer than others or having a better life than others by an accident or mistake. Our children are a lot more fortunate than most children in the world.
I read this morning's papers that says, the Philippines has more stunted children than Ethiopia or Congo due to malnutrition.…/filipino-children-suffer-from…
The answer lies in only one word : CHOICE.
In Singapore, Philippines, or Congo or anywhere in the world, but why are we different? We are equal human beings, but we become more equal due to who we choose to govern our lives.
We chose the PAP. We trusted them because after Every Five Years there is a Better Singapore. We chose practical living than be distracted by intellectual ideals. We chose a stable life where our children get better and better education.
What is "Power"? What is" Empowerment"?
Didn't The Philippines had a thunderous "People's Power" revolution led by Mdm Curazon Aquino?
The PAP does not have every answer. The PAP cannot guarantee you that you will not fail, nor nothing will fail.
The PAP guarantees you that when you fail, there is another way up.
I am grateful to the PAP because it provided me many alternative routes to climb back on life after failing.
My choice is with people who are realistic about failures rather than people who are idealistic about success.

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