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Friday, 11 September 2015


I wrote an article during this hustings period about the opposition's call "Vote For Change" giving that a twist.
I have suggested that Singapore indeed needs to vote for change, not what is being packaged by the oppositions and their leanings.
They want to change the government. They gave themselves all kinds of excuses that there is little risks and more to gain by doing so. They don't give a damn to what Singaporeans are really thinking and feeling deep inside. They have always deemed themselves as people who knows more than the uninformed Singaporeans. They want you to know that they alone have the answer while accusing the government of the very same thing.
Let's put them and all these to history.
Singaporeans have voted. Democracy is fulfilled. Period.
Much is needed to be done with that strong mandate. I think the PAP may have quite a handful of things to think about. Permit me to re-emphasize this again.....the PAP needs to do more to engage residents, voters outside the realm of Grassroots Organizations.
The Member of Parliament is voted in by all residents and not just those who are active in grassroots activities. The MP does owe a duty to these who may for reasons still unknown not involved in grassroots activities. Will you tell them that because you are not willing to be part of grassroots and therefore you are not part of our community?
The MP is not just Advisor of GROs, he/she is also the elected Member. This is why opposition MPs don't get the honour of being Advisor because they by virtue do not subscribe to government's view, but they do play their role as MPs well. Why are PAP MPs not playing that role well? By just confining to Meet The People Session? Even House-Visits are classified as grassroots activities.
I believed how the GROs go about their functioning needs to be reviewed, but starting a fresh channel of engaging residents, voters seems to me to be imminent right after the results of this election is completely announced.

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