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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


GE2011 came and gone, but was somehow interrupted midway by two by-elections. The euphoria of opposition win one after another had sculptured a landscape of confrontation. Too many unpleasant events happened during the last two to three years that saw some lives disrupted and their course completely changed. I do not have the liberty to name names nor deem it right to do so. But Singaporeans are all aware of how such euphoria had thrust these persons onto public stage where they become puppets of public opinion.
Ordinary folks, unsuspecting and unrelated found themselves dragged into public quarrels and coerced into taking sides and position where such matters could have be better resolved through consultation and negotiations.
Ordinary law and order matters were infused with political emotions causing obscurity to justice and the administering thereof.
All in all, these unpleasant events had fueled more hates between Singaporeans.
Could we have understood the fluidity of the state of politics, and managed our engagement with opened mind and practical attitude, such hatred and unnecessary conflicts need not exist at all.
Personally I feel that practicality should prevail over dogmatism, and an open mind is superior over one that is prejudiced. If only one can see merits in a united Singapore, whether there is or there isn't oppositions in parliament is good for us all.
A big heart that is able to accept the possibility of as many oppositions in parliament as well as none, and put our soul into creating a Singapore that is unique even in the area of politics.
We thrive on our own creative ways in defining what politics should be according to Singapore, and we innovate the processes necessary to make the system work with continuous refinement and perfection.
We are not born with democracy. Democracy was created, refined and perfected. What is there that holds us back from creating something that uniquely fits Singapore?
May we not fall into the same treacherous path of post GE2011, but to hold each other and walk through post GE2015 in mutual respect and mutual appreciation.


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