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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

2nd Rebuttal of Kirsten Han's blog

Continuing from the previous article, Ms Han's main thrust of her article is about separating the State from PAP.
Her reasons for this is the PAP has framed itself as a perpetual thus making the separation difficult.
She reinforced this belief by asserting that the PAP by giving out GST vouchers and Estate Upgrading done for citizens that are meant to make citizens grateful to the party. Her proof is : constituencies under oppositions were shunted to the back of the queue.
Her perspective clearly is not what she tried to present herself in the article..."fair". Her's is a fixated view of "bad government, good oppositions". All good done by government is suspicious with ulterior motives, and oppositions suffer as a result of government doing good.
GST vouchers are given out to all citizens regardless whether you vote the PAP or oppositions.
As with Estate Upgrading, let us take her so call proof of putting opposition constituencies being shunted to the back. Did she follow up with as to why she thinks this should not be? No she did not. I would rather believe she cannot.
Writers like Kirsten Han often creates impressions, misleading impressions that government has no answers to a question by repeating the same question over and over, and over at different places. The refusal to accept answers does not equal to not having answers, and the refusal to truth does not means truth does not exist.
Firstly it is not true that only opposition constituencies are being shunted to the back of the queue. Most PAP constituencies do not get to enjoy priorities to these programmes as well. If there were 5 opposition constituencies that did not get Estate Upgrading, 50 more PAP constituencies were also left out due to limited time and resources.
For fair comparison by putting those 50 PAP constituencies who did not get upgrading together with the 5 from opposition who also did not get upgrading, and if there is a little extra resources plus some new provisions that can be given away to one or two of these, who should these go to?
To the opposition constituencies by virtue that most people there dislike what the government is doing for them as shown by way of votes or to PAP constituencies?
It is tough, extremely difficult decisions to make. They are all citizens of Singapore, and as Ms Hans said, these are also tax payers' money. One cannot show unfair preferences neither can one show unfair sympathy.
Let's put it to the polls during elections. You choose.
But of course in recent times, the upgrading issue is no longer a thorn in the flesh for both PAP and oppositions. More resources have been allocated and opposition constituencies do see their queue numbers arrived.
Ms Han is a little backdated with this, but she did try very hard to present the sad sad story that never is and never shall be.

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