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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3rd Rebuttal of Kirsten Han's blog

Third rebuttal to Ms Kirsten Han....
Is PAP not separated from the State? Another question is, is the PAP and the State not separable?
This is what Ms Han has to say in her article....
<< So much of Singapore’s history as it is taught in schools, exhibited in museums and displayed at National Day events is about what the PAP did to build up an independent nation. It’s difficult now to imagine a Singapore without the PAP.>>
Interesting way of putting it isn't it?
Singapore's history taught in school is not too remote that many Singaporeans still living cannot testify to. Parents, grandparents who lived through the years of Singapore's early stages and witness the progress it has made are still around to refute if history taught in schools are not what they have personally experienced.
Exhibits, artifacts and replay of events are our collective life experience. These give meaning to what bonds us together spiritually (not in the religious sense). We are woven together by shared experience of Singapore in the making, and its continued making.
These also give meaning to a shared experience of a struggle where people locked hands with PAP to confront the odds and together they build the State.
That is why, if Ms Han wishes to know why the PAP is still the inalienable leader. People looked to the PAP for answers, and the PAP has been in the lead all these years. Even if you don't like the idea, you cannot deny the fact.
Let me put it bluntly....even it is not so glamorous.
Do people go to WP to ask them to solve MRT breakdown? Shouldn't they if they know that the WP has found the way to solve that? If you tell me it is not the opposition's job to solve government problem, then you are telling me that they have doomed themselves to forever playing opposing role. Where is that show of ability that they can do things better than PAP?
The PAP has that moral responsibility to put those difficulties right. The PAP has to take that lead to solve problems. At the end of the day, if there is anything not quite right, it is still the PAP that must attend to and solve them.
This has been it and still will be. The People knows no one else can.
OK let me take you back to earth. The People's need for the PAP has not diminished much as those in the opposition had wished it did. PAP's bond with the People will only diminish if it does not reposition itself according to relevance of conditions and environment. Even the oppositions must continue to reposition themselves to stay relevant or find themselves diminishing in influence. There will always be shifting of the whole.
As of now, anyone who wish to dilute that connection of State and PAP that exist in the non-tangible, they just have to first, work hard on getting things right, and wait patiently.

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