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Friday, 21 August 2015

Tin Pei Ling, The Star Performer of MPs From 2011 General Election

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Posted by People's Action Party on Friday, August 21, 2015

Tin Pei Ling has earned the the "Start Performer" of backbenchers from 2011 GE.
It was a total transformation that could not go unnoticed even by her detractors. From a "cannot be taken seriously" party loving young girl to a "wholeheartedly dedicated" young MP, she left most Singaporeans drop jaw.
The comparison of her and and competitor Nicole Seah then left her rather devastated. Nicole came in as what she is now, a wholeheartedly dedicated young lady full or aspiration to better the lives of folks in MacPherson.
Nicole decided a different path midway while Pei Ling persevered on, changing herself and changing others along the way.
Something else has also made her stood out among others, and in particular a rather similar comparison.
Workers Party MP Lee Li Lian announced that she was expecting a baby long before Pei Ling did. Li Lian was almost out of public eye thereafter, but of course she continues her constituency works at her ward. She attended to her tea party where residents will come to her at the void deck, for casual chats or some issues.
When Pei Ling was expecting, she continued making her rounds, tracking walkways and climbing staircases, knocking door to door visiting residents. Residents see her frequently at markets and hawker centres. Residents can also look her up anytime when there is a need.
This is priceless experience and special relationships that has brought Pei Ling and her residents together in MacPherson. She shared the time when the tummy grows bigger each day with her residents. Residents in turn has recognized that the baby inside is already a part of their MacPherson.
The difference between the two new mothers that made Pei Ling so outstanding is, Pei Lings baby was a regular visitor to every household in her constituency, but Li Lian's baby never was and is a part of Punggol East residents.
Comparably Pei Ling is more than just the MP for MacPherson, she is a member of every household and a daughter of all living there
Lastly and importantly, Pei Ling has a team who knows the value of visuals be they photos or videos, and make them work for her.
This video tells an endearing story of Tin Pei Ling.

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