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Thursday, 3 September 2015


This is Assoc Professor Daniel Goh, a new candidate of the Workers Party.
Had he taken the trouble to lecture his party colleagues whom I have made some observations earlier, they will not make an embarrassment of themselves.
Dr Goh as I will henceforth address him is atypical of the Workers Party type. I may even venture to say that it would be better if he be on the PAP side, exactly what I have said to Nicole Seah, then a member of NSP.
The Middle Ground thinks Dr Goh will win if fielded in Fengshan. I wouldn't have jump to that conclusion as I listen to both and watch their countenance. If residents of Fengshan allow themselves to be opposition proxies like many of the Aljunied GRC residents did, perhaps then Dr Goh may stand a higher chance of winning.
However if residents of Fengshan are to be themselves, "Residents of Fengshan", then the scale will tip the other way.
Dr Goh as he personally admits, represents the intellectual. He said that his is here "To Pursue A Political Argument". He has his eyes cast far beyond the perimeters of Fengshan, and for that matter anywhere he is going to be fielded eventually.
With that predestined perspective, the willingness of developing closeness and depth with local residents is clearly very diluted. He had spent the entire of his interview time talking about democracy.
He is too deep into believing that for democracy to work there must be oppositions in parliament. This is fundamentally flawed. Having or not having oppositions in parliament is an outcome, not a defined objective.
The very fundamental to democracy is the party must allow all voting Singaporeans to make a choice, and the PAP has done this.
By denying part of Singapore and Singaporeans that choice is no democracy at all. If you tell me now that the rest of Singapore is covered by other opposition parties, and Low Thia Khaing has categorically said that Workers Party's objectives are different with that of other parties.
With that, assuming all of Singapore rejects the PAP, what is left is a constantly quarreling and sqaubbling government that leads Singapore into chaos with no progress. Is this democracy? Is putting Singaporeans interest after party and political ideals good for Singapore?
Question is, is democracy more important than livelihood.
The PAP has never stopped providing the tools and resources to equip our present and future generations to pursue their rainbow beyond the horizon. This is practical politics, not an idealistic one.

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