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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Low Thia Khiang Creating Haze To A Clean Path

Why did LKY thinks highly of LTK? No praise was reserved for anyone else. This guy got brain.
He turns crisis into opportunity by the click of his fingers. Whether Lui Tuck Yew's decision not to contest in the coming GE was anything close to what Low Thia Khiang thinks, Low's questions raise doubts upon his political opponents and turned the table around somewhat.
Like it or not? True or false, Lui's resignation did in fact hit the button that releases immense amount of pressure off voters who were highly critical of our transport system.
Instead, enormous amount of sympathy had rallied around Lui, as if stricken by a lightning of truth that It was not his doing that the system fails. They began to realized, of which they previously refused to acknowledge how much Lui had done to improve the flow of daily commuters in Singapore.
The release of an article revealing Lui who once only lived in a two-room rented flat completely crushed accusations about him being a million-dollar minister.
This is how fragile political information can be, and this is how unpredictable a sure win platform for the oppositions can suddenly turn against them. But look.....
Much like a clip out of Discovery Channel, a trapped fox clevered itself out of danger.
When the fogginess is gone, clarity of path emerges. This is no good for those who had enjoyed the presence of haze because it brings profits. How do you prevent fogginess from going away in a political situation? Create it, and this is about political life and death.
Was just curious about the interview with Low. Did not the question arise amongst the many reporters to ask if Low Thia Khiang had held such a high regard of Lui and his ability to manage the Transport Ministry, did it not occur to Low to defend Lui when breakdowns of trains occur in the course of the last parliament?

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