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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The PAP May Just Lose All Seats In Coming Elections

General Elections (2015) frenzies shall begin.
The oppositions has seemingly settled amongst themselves for a No-3 Corner-Fight with the PAP.
Personally I welcome the news. This is one democratic function that the oppositions did not perform well in the past, forgoing fights that deny the incumbent's rights to a dignified win.
First Declaration : No More Parachute!
The other reason I am happy is they have unanimously undo Chiam See Tong's By-election effect, "Keep the PAP government but bring in oppositions".
Second Declaration : No More By-Election-Effect
What does this mean to ordinary Singapore Citizens, you and me?
We heard this during the last election that we need more opposition in parliament to question and to check on the PAP government. This call to have more oppositions no longer, I say this again "No Longer" is valid.
If Singaporeans vote the PAP, this government remains. If Singaporeans don't vote the PAP this government will go. Going into what after would be speculative of that outcome, but it is not that difficult to imagine what follows.
The PAP was right and true to declare during its 60th anniversary that this coming election will be about government, paraphrase to mean not about more oppositions anymore.
Never before was that single vote in your hand been so heavy when the PAP looks set to win every elections easily in the past.
Every vote is secret, every vote is sacred. No one knows who those people at adjacent booths are voting for, but once that "X" is done, you cannot revert it.
Now, this coming GE the true meaning of General Elections has once again come alive. It is all about who voters want to run Singapore. Although at every election the PAP government is never guaranteed a return to govern, but never before has this been so real.
We do have some time now to prepare our minds with this mammoth responsibility, to reflect for ourselves, weigh the pros and cons, pray if you will, who we will vote. Let your heart and mind have a chance to make the decision and not just let what the loud hurrays lead you.
Oppositions Cry : Vote Them Out!
and this is highly possible.

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