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Sunday, 6 September 2015


Did I hear a WP government? I thought Low Thia Khiang had just said they are not prepared?
Let's just take it that it is Sylvia Lim's ambition to be Prime Minister, and there is nothing wrong with having ambition. She said a WP government will do things differently, and what priorities did she set out as PM of the WP government?
To abolish GRC, abolish NMPs and make sure no government involvement in things like football.
Wait a minute......Should it not be our livelihood, our jobs, our children's education and career, family and housing, our aging needs, healthcare and retirement that really matters? This is Sylvia Lim of the Workers Party.
If after four good (unfortunate) years, Singaporeans still thinks that Sylvia Lim is a model politician, a fighter for the rights of Singaporeans, A great disappointment awaits you.
Without an iota of doubt she is a fighter.. She loves fighting and is training to fight better than Low Thia Khiang. Low knows what to fight and what to avoid fighting but she fights over everything.
Politics is in her blood, and she just loves it so much.
When the Workers Party becomes the government, trust me, there will be no oppositions in parliament.
Let me explain. With more than 25 years of being parliamentary opposition, which opposition party has the capability to match the Workers Party?. The recent spat over meetings are just a sample sachets of what WP can do to other opposition parties. They sure know how to fix government as well as opposition parties.
Whatever will happen to the PAP? The PAP with 50 years as government, does not know how to be a good opposition party. Maybe they can fix opposition while in government, they won't know how to fix government, especially one that has been fixing practically everybody.
If Singaporeans don't want the PAP anymore by electing the Workers Party or other opposition parties to become government, my opinion is it is better for the PAP to resign all the seats it won than to be in opposition.
The current world is far too ahead to start from scratch. Not a single country that had fallen within this decade or two did manage to claw back t0 its original state of health. Singapore if not for its huge accumulated reserves and a very stable government, a small country like us would have no place in the current climate.
Am I pessimistic? No.
It is a real possibility now than ever before, though I have absolute confidence in Singaporeans that we do not and will not put our votes to the gutters.
So what is the likely scenario we can imagine if WP really becomes government? Because Sylvia Lim dislikes foreigners, and I will continue to repeat what she said in the GE 2011. "I closed my eyes at the road junction and feel that I am in a foreign land".
The first thing I worry are the sick and aged. WP in their own population paper will chop off one big chunk of foreigners working in Singapore. The Filipino nurses, the Indian doctors, the Chinese healthcare workers will be reduced to an unrecognizable state.
The remaining Singaporeans will resign for being overstressed. You just have to cut down patient admission to reduce workloads on remaining doctors and nurses. There is no way you can queue at the hospital because there will be no ambulance to take you there. This will cut the impression of hospital beds crunch.
What about the reserves and CPF monies the PAP has been carefully guarding? Because of the minimum wage, unemployment fund, and other populist approaches that the WP is pitching to voters, coupled with the withdrawal of MNCs, they will have to dip into reserves to keep people happy.
Not forgetting most of our savings, Singaporeans savings are locked up in the value of our HDB flats. Every Singaporean has our own flats that find no buyers nor tenants when the foreigners are gone. Selling to our own people? Under that kind of economic environment, how to sell or buy. Value plumme
OK don't let my imaginations take too much of your time. But just one last time, what I have imagined is possible if Singaporeans don't vote the PAP.

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