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Monday, 7 September 2015


I know I am carrying this just a little too far, but I am honestly convinced that this must also be part of voters' considerations when the go to the polls. This is very important.
The picture shows three different events that happened during this election campaign period. Unfortunately they all linked to the Workers Party.
The one on the left shows a picture of Workers Party members praying before an election rally. I am full of respect for people who giver God the glory and honour for whatever they do, politics or otherwise. But what happens when you read the write-up by Edwin Khoo who took the beautiful picture? The picture was juxtaposed with an old picture of Minister for Muslim Affairs purportedly holding a champaign bottle that was really a confetti gun. The intention is really to cast the contrasting Muslim reverence between PAP and WP.
Next the picture of Workers Party supporters at the nomination centre shouting, and jeering at PAP candidates trying to make their speeches.
Third are election posters of PAP candidates contesting in Aljunied GRC where Workers Party is the incumbent. Many posters in that area were vandalized.
Can the Workers Party say they have nothing to do with all these uncivilized acts? Of course they can.
Please think. Why are these incidents all related to the Workers Party? Particularly those who are flying the WP flags?
Is this a Singapore culture, a Singapore way of life that the Workers Party encouraged? Listen to Mr Low Thia Khiang who said : "Look I am not in jail", Ms Sylvia Lim : "Call the CPIB".
We can understand that oppositions do somehow act as checks and balance against government. But if the PAP is considered "evil" are we not inviting something "more evil" than evil to run our lives?
Somehow these uncivilized acts tell us that this is the kind of forces that is nudging the Workers Party on, and they have allowed them to.
You may sympathized with the Workers Party that they being a small party is being bullied by a bigger PAP. Will you for a moment put partisan aside and ask if the Workers Party truly had been up to public expectations? Take a fair view.
Now I strongly believed that we cannot allow this forces, this kind of culture and way of life to further entrenched in the Singapore system. I believed the Workers Party needs to stay out of Singapore's political stage for now and get themselves reorganized, refreshed, that they may return with better people whose sole commitment is to serve Singaporeans.
Believed me, they have been overwhelmed by a little success and has taken Singaporeans for granted. They do need to take a step back, and it is only with voters that they can take a step back for the good of Singapore.

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