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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


This is Yee Jenn Jong of the Workers Party speaking in a rally. This clip seen him poking fun on ESM Goh Chok Tong for his analogy of cruise ship, as well as poking fun on old folks picking cardboards.
Naturally, his Workers Party team is contesting in Marine Parade GRC where Tan Chuan Jin and Goh Chok tong both stands. His attempt to lock in several issues at hand to the cruise ship analogy made him sounded extremely childish.
Anyway Singaporeans may have gotten quite familiar by now with election rally swipes that are more for entertainment than about serious issues. As for this speech, sadly there is little entertainment value.
Anyway he touched on issues like the 6.9 million population paper, EIU's listing of Singapore as most expensive country, a swipe on Tan Chuan Jin's post on cardboard pickers, and casino.
Like all election speeches, they don't tell you the real and serious things. In this case about the population 6.9, they did not tell Singaporeans that Workers Party had made a target of population 5.8. If you think 6.9 is scary, 5.8 isn't too far away. They didn't tell you that our population is growing old, they didn't tell you that there's not enough babies, they didn't tell you that a nation must frow in population, but just the 6.9 number to scare you. Now who is playing "fear mongering"? 6.9 is not even a target like that of the Workers party. In this case the PAP had honestly tell it as it is, and left it to you voters to decide. Nothing to hide. Perhaps the PAP values honest talks more than the Workers Party.
Again found wanting of honest talks, Mr Yee told you that Singapore is once again the most expensive city to live in according to EIU. Did he say the survey was done for expatriates planning relocation? Why not? Expatriate living looks at very different things from ordinary Singaporeans. It is really a cruise and a street difference. If those other details are added in Workers Party speeches, nobody wouold vote for Workers Party.
What's the point of picking on Tan Chuan Jin's post about his tour with a group of young people reaching out to cardboard pickers? Same damn dirty tactics of hiding true facts. Did Tan Chuan Jin said that the cardboard pickers were doing it for fun, I mean exercise? Playing smears and mudslinging? Did you for a moment go down to cardboard pickers and offer a word of encouragement? Instead of showing equal care and affection for these less able earning persons, you used their plights to poke fun for political gain. You have spent your time rubbing shoulders with Joo Chiat private dwellers, and of course making sure they know you are one of them.
Religious and moral persuasions aside, are you putting the thousands of Singaporeans who are making a living inside the integrated resorts at risk? Do you mean the Workers Party will close down the resorts?
You may want to rethink your party's slogan...."Party before Singaporeans".


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