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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Approaching the closing of hustings for this General Election, my heart grows heavy and perhaps for you too. An undeniable sense of anxiety is growing. Is this a show of fear of losing? Obviously.
I am convinced that Singapore is not prepared for PAP to lose in this election. Neither the PAP nor the WP nor any other opposition is prepared. Singaporeans are not prepared at all. This is a fact.
But can it happen? Yes it can. What happens when it comes?
To the world, our neighbouring countries, Singapore is a small country with a strong government. It has thus far been able to maintained sovereignty, uphold citizens' dignity, and negotiated a treacherous path between big power balancing, not forgetting the little voice in a big platform.
The real world of international politics only recognizes friends because of needs and no other. When the need is no longer there, one becomes an enemy or a prey.
Why should the world deal with a "non-PAP" government just as it used to with the PAP. Similarly the world need not deal with a "weaker PAP" government as before. Much of how we deal with the outside world and vice versa depends on how united our parliament is and how united is our people. All these are relevant and important whether Singapore emerged stronger or weaker after the election?
This brings us to the fact of feeling helpless. There is a multi-fronted economic war we've been fighting and have made much inroads and victories. Will the PAP government be stripped of all its armour and apparatus and left to fight barehanded?
The PAP can disband itself if Singaporeans don't need it anymore. It is fine for the PAP to sacrificed itself and I'm saying with true PAP DNA, but the feeling of not being able to protect those who needs protection most is extremely excruciating, and to lose a war that we have been winning well thus far is painfully despairing. These are true feelings of a possible lost.
A possible lost not because you have not done well, but did too well. A possible lost not because there is no freedom, but by the very freedom. When people say the PAP is not god, and they expect the PAP to perform miracles.
So you blamed the PAP for losing your job, for you not getting employed, for not getting into university, and you blamed the PAP for all your misfortunes. We seem to forget job creation was PAP government's first priority. Foreign companies don't provide job vacancies here if our terms are any less attractive than other countries. Local companies cannot expand and grow without conducive business environment, and excellent foreign relations.
The PAP cannot prevent you from losing your job, but it has a burden to help find you another one. The PAP cannot prevent you from failing in business, exams, or job interviews, but it is their burden to provide you with alternatives when you do.
Our complaints and disgruntles are much about success than failures. We want better transports, better housing, better healthcare, better paid jobs, better education, better politics and of course better freedom.
These are signs of "Good Times" politics. The elusive lure of the better. When the better arrives it is no longer better.
When you have enough, the better would be power and authority. "Empowerment" becomes a common tag for commercial and political marketing.
There will be lots of people telling the government how to better spend money. Everybody knows how to spend money, and it's great fun.
So all policy debates going on, whether it is about immigration, population, electoral boundaries, signboards, education etc etc are all but shadows of this one simple truth...."Good Times" politics. It only happens during good times. You kill the PAP cash cow, there will be no more quarrels.
Ironically this is why the PAP has got to think itself for the good times it brought to and for Singapore, and not so thankfully upon itself.

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