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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


You know what Gerald Giam said? He said there is no such thing as "freak" election because that is people's will. His was in response to Khaw Boon Wan's warning that this could be a freak election and the PAP loses all seats.
Is there any truth in what he said?
Then may I ask the very brilliant Mr Giam.....if this election the PAP won every seats and a one party government emerged, will he still say this is the people's will?

If he says yes it is, please help me to slap the face of Sylvia Lim and Low Thai Khiang because they said that "one party" is bad for democracy. They are going against the people's will, are they not?
This is precisely what I want to talk about in simple, understandable terms.
It is not a must that there must be oppositions in parliament to fulfill the basic requirement of democracy. Democracy fundamentally means acting according to the will of the people.
So, while the Workers Party accuses the PAP of dictating election debates with their own agenda, is not the Workers Party also forcing its agenda on the people that there must be more oppositions in parliament?
At the end of the day, did the people benefited in real terms? Certainly the Singapore Democratic Party thinks that the Workers Party have not been effective oppositions in parliament, according to Chee Soon Juan" rally speech. If fellow opposition party thinks so, what more does the PAP?
Sylvia Lim has in her rally speech pitched that the Workers Party did do their job well by registering better attendance than the PAP, participating in debates (largely related to AHPETC) raised important issues as the Population White Paper. I'm not sure did she mention more, but the video clip just stopped at that.
However, Singaporeans have not heard from the Workers Party with regards to some very sensitive and important issues. Do they not have any policy positions as an aspiring party to becoming government one day? If they don't have any policy position, at least have some opinion, but why was there silence.
These are some of the sensitive but important issues :
1. ISIS influence in Singapore and the region
2. Same Sex Marriage in Singapore and Section 377A
3. The wearing tudung as part of public service uniform
Still continue harping on the importance of democracy without active and meaningful participation in public discussion, they warned the public, Singaporeans that an all white parliament will stifle democracy.
I have just discovered from beginning from today, all Workers Party candidates can only comment on their manifesto and refrain from answering the media on other subjects.
The difference between the PAP ans the Workers Party is that the PAP openly tells you that there is a "party whip". Its MPs are free to voice their personal opinions.
However, it seems that the Workers Party prefers ways that are not transparent. The public, Singaporeans have no way of knowing Workers Party's directions other than what they have prepared for public consumption.
We have here an opposition party with aspiration to govern Singapore talking about transparency and democracy, but in practice does not even measure up to the PAP government.
What do we make of the people who would die die vote for the Workers Party?

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